MediPharm Vietnam Hanoi – Medical Devices, Beauty & Health Supplement

Date: December 5-7, 2024

The Vietnamese government actively develops and promotes the modernization of state-owned hospitals and medical equipment in various provinces and cities, and opens up the establishment of private medical institutions, so the equipment in the hospital is constantly upgraded and purchased in the case of continuous economic growth. In addition, the reform of Vietnam’s medical insurance system and the implementation of universal health insurance can increase people’s access to medical treatment, indirectly driving medical projects such as dentistry and ophthalmology treatment, which originally required self-payment, so it has driven the market for treatment-related equipment and supplies, including dental handpieces, dental chairs, dental X-rays, dental hand instruments and fillings, fixed dentures, ophthalmic equipment and other specialized equipment, and the import dependence of such high-end medical products is 96% The above shows that the future demand gap will also rely on the support of imported products, so the business opportunities for imported medical materials are huge.

Venue: Hanoi International Exhibition Center
Date: December 5-7, 2024
ESPO subsidy code: VNI0195889

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