Define the most potential target customers

Generate and nurture potential customers

Build relationships with prospects and speed up the sales process

Lead generation

Create a pool of high-quality leads

In this era of fragmented information, it is a daunting task to balance influence and develop new customer channels. In the complex B2B journey, how to explore, identify potential customers, and provide solutions at the right time has become the biggest challenge for all enterprises to face fragmented information. We have many years of lead generation experience, from defining customer profiles, exploring interested leads, and continuously nurturing lead lists. Whether it’s new customer acquisition or brand awareness, let us create a lead generation framework for you.

Targeted marketing

Before starting the project activities, the Account Manager will assist you in defining the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). Converge with target customers to ensure resources are invested in the right leads.

Campaign loops

Establish landing pages with focused information on a data-driven basis, and actively promote trust with potential customers through industrial media, exhibitions, conferences, and content curation.

Data Insights

Through the B2B database information, we can effectively track the dynamics of potential customers, understand their appearance and stakeholder structure. Quickly connect and communicate when they show interest to proactively offer solutions.

Cultivate private domain traffic

Assist you in establishing an independent private domain pool to effectively reduce customer development costs. By providing personalized content curation, you can not only cultivate potential partners, but also have the opportunity to achieve diffusion marketing.

How it works



By defining the ideal customer profile, converge requirements to ensure efficient use of resources. First, an initial interview with an account manager will help you define your ideal customer profile and target market by understanding and collating your desired business goals.


Focus on business objectives, direct marketing and plan relevant marketing activities. Expand the publicity effect through media exposure and content marketing layout. Accurately guide potential customers to visit the landing page to obtain business opportunities of interest and increase trust in the first contact.


Not only does data optimize marketing campaigns, but it also has the ability to track the dynamics of leads. Through the ideal customer profile, you can identify potential customers who are interested in a specific product or service and provide corresponding solutions at the right time.


The cost of developing a new customer is 5 times that of running an old one. Through our customer relationship management framework, we enrich the private domain pool of high-value potential customers, and focus marketing provides personalized content to nurture potential customers to enhance business opportunities and cooperation opportunities.


Thanks to TradeWinds assistance, we often provide information on various overseas exhibitions and subsidies. With trade winds, overseas development is very successful.

Wendy | dentall

Provide accurate exhibition information and assist in the preparation of related necessary preparatory work and business exposure platform, the cooperation process is smooth and successful to achieve the expected results.

Miss Zhang | Compal Electronics, INC.

TradeWinds will try its best to help the exhibitors before the show, and will continue to care if there is any need for assistance during the show, which makes exhibitors in overseas exhibitions feel very relieved!

Mr. Jian | General Life Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

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