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Curatorial planning

Medical and dental trade shows

More than just selling booths, we assist customers to evaluate the suitability of the exhibition before the exhibition, and provide customers with a full range of curatorial planning services, covering the entire exhibition process, including pre-exhibit publicity, in-exhibit promotion and post-exhibit follow-up. Our goal is to create a one-stop service platform for exhibitors, so that they can not only display their products or services at the exhibition, but also maximize the benefits of participating in the exhibition.


Marketing & Sales Development

Establish a marketing and sales framework through data-driven access to your business goals

Media promotion

With the goal of building a corporate brand and increasing product exposure, create a digital asset with long-tail benefits. Through professional media promotion, resources are targeted and focused on the right audience. At the same time, use press releases, buying guides, media buying, and outreach journalists to drive traffic to more effectively identify potential customers and drive deals.

Lead generation

Proactive lead generation can better identify target customers who are interested in the product through accurate ideal customer profiles. Build relationships and engage with them further to mature your prospect list. In turn, we can build valuable private domain traffic to create greater exposure and influence for brands and products in the target market.

Landing page design

More than 60% of businesses get more marketing-qualified leads through landing pages. Starting from optimizing the user experience, convey the brand image and message, so that users can find solutions in a short time. By building initial trust through a well-designed landing page, a good user experience can not only reduce bounce rates, but also help to achieve higher conversion rates and opportunities for further negotiations.


Thanks to TradeWinds assistance, we often provide information on various overseas exhibitions and subsidies. With trade winds, overseas development is very successful.

Wendy | dentall

Provide accurate exhibition information and assist in the preparation of related necessary preparatory work and business exposure platform, the cooperation process is smooth and successful to achieve the expected results.

Miss Zhang | Compal Electronics, INC.

TradeWinds will try its best to help the exhibitors before the show, and will continue to care if there is any need for assistance during the show, which makes exhibitors in overseas exhibitions feel very relieved!

Mr. Jian | General Life Biotechnology Co., Ltd.
Our story

The Journey Behind Our Journey

In 1992, for the first time, TradeWinds participated as an exhibitor in the international medical exhibition “MEDICA Düsseff, Germany”. At that time, there were only a handful of medtech companies in Taiwan and around the world, and today we are witnessing many successful companies and innovative medtech. With the rapidly changing industry environment, medical technology covers multiple fields such as medical devices, in vitro diagnostics, digital health, etc., and is facing constantly updated regulatory affairs, which makes us more aware of the challenges faced by medical technology companies.

TradeWinds is committed to helping medical technology companies provide one-stop curatorial planning, media promotion and sales development services to promote the sustainable development of the medical technology industry.

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