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Create a buyer’s journey with a landing page

Your official website is not optimized for everyone. When you direct visitors to a tailored marketing campaign landing page, a personalized design strategy will be able to attract the ideal lead. We provide tailor-made landing page design, content planning, and data insights to optimize landing pages for data-driven and increased conversion rates. Whether your goal is focus marketing, product marketing, brand awareness, or lead generation, let us create a landing page tailored to your needs.

Get more leads

Encourage visitors to take action, such as filling out an inquiry form, subscribing to the latest news, or attending a seminar with a landing page that integrates your marketing automation processes, to help you generate leads and increase your chances of converting sales.

Design & Content Planning

When a visitor clicks on your campaign, they want to learn more about a specific product. In order to meet the needs of visitors to the greatest extent, we designed the landing page to focus on a single theme, which more effectively introduced customer pain points and increased conversion rates.

Tailored to your needs

Studies have shown that increasing the number of landing pages from 10 to 15 can increase a company’s sales leads by 55%. Build buyer journeys, integrate with other marketing tools, shorten sales cycles, and increase conversions.

Track data and optimize

Through A/B testing, we were able to gain an in-depth understanding of the adjustment needs of each section of the landing page, and then optimize the design layout and content planning of the landing page. This helps to effectively reduce the bounce rate of visitors while increasing the conversion rate.

How it works



First, the account manager will focus on gaining a deeper understanding of what the customer expects to achieve with the landing page. This involves exploring the direction of content planning and layout, clearly identifying the target audience to be reached, and developing metrics to track the project’s success.


Once we have an ideal customer profile and clear performance metrics, we will develop a strategy and plan execution to achieve the set metrics. Deliver value through multiple channels such as press releases, advertising campaigns, email marketing, etc., while taking into account SEO keyword optimization and marketing automation applications.


Install a tracking tool at the same time as your go-live to give your customers a complete picture of the effectiveness of their campaigns. This includes key metrics such as the status of users filling out forms, the effectiveness of mobile calls, and more, which can help you effectively adjust your marketing strategy to improve overall performance.


Based on the user’s browsing journey and the results of the data analysis, we can further gain insight into which blocks are most attractive to users, and gain insight into key metrics such as click behavior, browsing status, conversion rate, and bounce rate, so as to optimize for future campaigns.


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