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In this era of fragmented information, it is a daunting task to balance influence and develop new customer channels. In the complex B2B journey, how to deepen the connection between brands and potential buyers through media marketing campaigns has become the most pressing challenge for all brands in the face of the digital wave. We have extensive experience in tailoring unique strategies and media marketing solutions for the MedTech industry. Whether it’s expanding brand awareness or generating leads, let us plan it for you.

Buyer’s Guide

TradeWinds maintains a close media partnership with the exhibition organizers. Send your product catalogue to potential customers through the show network and create long-tail benefits for your brand.

Press Releases

Whether you’re launching a new product, announcing an organizational change, launching a new marketing campaign, or announcing results, you can rely on press release distribution services to get the word out quickly.

Media Buying

Instead of blindly chasing invalid traffic, we analyze potential customers in the target market and target professional media outlets to achieve accurate exposure and increase their influence in the industry.

PR media outreach

The process of connecting with relevant journalists, KOLs or media outlets aims to subtly introduce your business, build trusted media relationships, and increase brand awareness.

How it works



Define the content of the project cooperation and the communication object, understand the direction of the company’s operation through interviews, set clear and achievable goals, and complete them within a limited time, and finally verify the project effectiveness through data analysis.


After aligning the goals, we drive the media strategy with the landing page as the core, integrate the most professional media in the industry, and create cross-platform media marketing solutions through content marketing, media exposure or PR outreach.


After the media release, we use tracking and analytics tools to help our internal teams monitor and optimize in real time to obtain user behavior data. At the same time, we are always working on the optimization of user experience and marketing cycles.


We provide data tracking, combining data and marketing to provide more accurate insights into the profile of potential customers and screen out high-value partners. Evaluate the effectiveness of the project to provide a reliable reference and decision-making basis for future marketing activities.


Thanks to TradeWinds assistance, we often provide information on various overseas exhibitions and subsidies. With trade winds, overseas development is very successful.

Wendy | dentall

Provide accurate exhibition information and assist in the preparation of related necessary preparatory work and business exposure platform, the cooperation process is smooth and successful to achieve the expected results.

Miss Zhang | Compal Electronics, INC.

TradeWinds will try its best to help the exhibitors before the show, and will continue to care if there is any need for assistance during the show, which makes exhibitors in overseas exhibitions feel very relieved!

Mr. Jian | General Life Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

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